Every Friday & Saturday night, the best live comedy comes to Lymelight Boulevard at ROFL Comedy Club, the ONLY full time comedy club in Staffordshire.


Doors open at 19:00, last entry is at 19:55. We run a ticketless guest list - simply give the name the booking is made in at the door to be shown to your seats.


The Show starts at 20:00 and usually finishes around 22:30. There are two intervals in which you can take a bathroom break and get snacks or drinks from the bar.


    The bar is closed whilst the performers are on stage but open before the show, during the intervals and after the show. Drinks and snacks can be ordered at the bar for delivery to your table during the show. Last orders are at 23:00 and when we close at 23:30 guests are welcome to enjoy a few drinks downstairs in Bar Social.


    In the interest of everyone having an enjoyable night out we do operate a strict 'phones on silent, no talking or shouting out' policy. Of course if the comedians speak to you, you can reply, but otherwise please don't chat during the show. If you think you are funny, contact us for a try out spot, if not, shut up and don't spoil other peoples enjoyment - theres a reason that the seats arent pointing towards you!